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Usa-chan (Mitsukini*Honey*Haninozuka X Reader)
You honestly had no idea how you ended up in this situation.
One minute you were in the Host Club, chatting with Haruhi about Halloween costumes, and the next thing you knew, you and Haruhi were being whisked away to the Hitachiin twins mansion.
Haruhi was sitting next to you, mumbling curses under her breath at the twins, while you laughed at her. You then turned to look at the twins, who were sitting across from the both of you, and saw that they were staring at you and mumbling under their breath.
“What?” You asked quietly. They looked at you, eyes glinting mischievously.
“We were just wondering what costume Honey-senpai would like you to wear.” Hikaru replied smugly. You blushed and paled at the same time, while shooting a glare at Haruhi. She was the only person who knew for sure of your feelings for the adorable blonde, and you had thought that she wouldn’t tell anyone.
Haruhi glanced at you, her eyes apologetic, and you sighed, realizing that the tw
:iconmiss-union-jack:Miss-Union-Jack 510 244
HikaruxReader: Hide and Seek!
"How about Kaoru?" you suggested.
"Aww, but I wanted to hide," Kaoru said with a frown.
Hikaru on the other hand looked quite excited. "Don't think I'll go easy on you because you're a girl. I know all of the best hiding places," he said with a wink in your direction.
"Don't worry, I don't plan on going easy on you either," you said with a slight smile. 
"Well I guess we should explain the rules," Kaoru said. "You're not allowed to hide anywhere other than on this floor."
"Locked doors are off limits obviously as well as this room," Hikaru added.
"I'll only count to one-hundred so you better move fast~!" Kaoru said with a grin.
"No problem," you said with a nod, holding back a smile.
Even though your time with the twins had been so far very short, they seemed to be very fun. It's not that you didn't like Tamaki the host club king, but you just felt a lot more at ease with them. Hikaru and Kaoru seemed a lot less formal, and they were actually quite handsome. As Kaoru turned around
:iconblue-raindrop:blue-raindrop 373 40
Accidental Kiss - HikaruXReader
You're laying in your bed, grasping the silk blankets over your head; You snuggle into your soft and silky pillow. The maids of your families' mansion knock at your door, telling you it's time to wake up. You were really tired from lack of sleep. You had been just so anxious and excited for the next day that sleep didn't seem possible. Well, you ended up falling asleep that night anyways and this morning you were ready for anything. You jumped out of bed, ignoring the fact that you were so exhausted and hollered to the maids: "I'm up~! I'm up~!"
The maids flick the lights on and leave you in your bedroom to attend to yourself. They knew how much you hated when they tried to 'pretty you up'. Your mother and father had always wanted you to wear fashionable and girlish clothing. You just didn't enjoy dressing as girly that fit their standards (ruffly, frilly, mostly pink attire). You walk into your large walk-in closet and search throughout your enormous amount of luxury outfits of clothi
:iconiw0uldbesohappy:IW0uldBeSoHappy 883 403
You're right, but, still.... .:HikaruxReader:.
      You watched as yet another girl ran away crying because she liked one of the Hitachiin brothers but said she was alright with the other one. You walked out from the pillar you were hiding behind as the girl passed you .You had been going to the same schools as the brothers but never talked to them. Both brothers looked at you, surprised to see someone was watching.
      "You're right, but still… probably took that girl a lot of courage to tell even one of you how she feels." You weren't look up at them since you had crush on the one named Hikaru, and your friends could tell.
      The twins shrugged like it didn't matter. "She shouldn't have said she was fine with the other one of us. It was her fault she is broken and crying." You knew that was Hikaru that spoke and you looked up at him then smirked.
      "That's what you say, but do you ever think t
:iconkurosakuranbo14:KuroSakuranbo14 429 148
HikaruXReader Love Conquers Fear
    A large crowd had gathered around the billboard in the main hall of Ouran Academy. You spotted one of the twins at the back of the crowd and tapped his shoulder. The twin turned to face you and grinned.  “What’s going on Hikaru?” you asked and his golden eyes widened a bit, he still couldn’t seem to get used to you being able to tell him and Kaoru apart. Hikaru rubbed the back of his head with a small laugh. “Well, the announcements about who will be playing what role in the upcoming play has been put up,” Hikaru explained. You snapped your fingers and smiled. “Oh right, I can’t believe I forgot. You tried out right?” you replied and narrowed your ___ colored eyes at him teasingly. Hikaru nodded his head and smiled, his eyes glancing around for Kaoru. The two of them had tried out and he had wanted to look at the paper with his brother so they could both found out at the same time, but said twin was nowhere in sig
:iconpokemonsoulsm:pokemonsoulsm 631 243
Kaoru Hitachiin x Reader ~ Lost Wallet
Kaoru Hitachiin x Reader One-Shot ~ Lost Wallet
You walked around the empty Ouran Academy past school hours, looking for your lost wallet. It was small and got lost all the time. You sighed at the thought of searching through the whole school to look for it. You gasped as your phone rung in the pocket of your (color) jeans. You got to wear these since the Host Club performed a "punk" theme and since you waited tables, you wore tight jeans with a ripped (color) t-shirt and sneakers.
You picked up the phone quickly, and to your surprise, it was Kaoru Hitachiin, your long-time crush.
-Hey, _______-chan, we found your wallet! – The Hitachiin Brothers knew how easily you lost your wallet and they knew how it looked by now.
You blinked and sighed in relief.
-Where are you? – You asked quickly.
-Hey, Hikaru, where are we~? Hmm, looks like Texas to us! – Kaoru teased and you heard the Twins snicker lightly.
-You brats! Tell me where you are this instant! I need my wallet! –
:iconakitasadure:AkitaSadure 798 192
Aidixho by Vaighish Aidixho :iconvaighish:Vaighish 2 0 (18/52) by Klusku (18/52) :iconklusku:Klusku 10 0 The LEGO Movie but every character is Batman. by zcEG The LEGO Movie but every character is Batman. :iconzceg:zcEG 4 2 consume the world by MadisonDrawsArt consume the world :iconmadisondrawsart:MadisonDrawsArt 7 2 It's high noon by Battlehammer89 It's high noon :iconbattlehammer89:Battlehammer89 5 0 is it ok if i love you ? forever ? by TheFakePotatosThe2nd is it ok if i love you ? forever ? :iconthefakepotatosthe2nd:TheFakePotatosThe2nd 7 0 Gog Is Dead by Gagiass1545 Gog Is Dead :icongagiass1545:Gagiass1545 45 25 Stream Sketch by SurealKatie Stream Sketch :iconsurealkatie:SurealKatie 9 0 YCH for HaiseSensei by UpperPupper YCH for HaiseSensei :iconupperpupper:UpperPupper 3 1 save me by GoatyTheGrill save me :icongoatythegrill:GoatyTheGrill 1 0



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MY attack on titan oc, ill give background later
MY attack on titan oc, ill give the backstory later
my attack on titan oc, ill give some backstory later
ive decided to extend it to the 14th


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